Brass neck 厚脸皮

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Brass neck 厚脸皮

Brass neck 厚脸皮



如果我们说一个人有个“铜做的脖子 brass neck”,那么此人会作出哪种行为?听节目,学习一个形容“过于自信而且不在乎别人感受的厚脸皮的人”。


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Rob:Yes, it is. And hello I'm Rob.


Rob:Yeah me too. We've got to meet that deadline by Friday.

Feifei:I guess we've all got lots to do. 但这也正是我为什么很惊讶 Phyllis 这周请了三天假。

Rob:Are you sure? Maybe she's unwell?

Feifei:No, she's fine – I heard her say to the boss in a very loud voice 'I've got a great deal on a flight to Italy so I need to take the rest of the week off.'

Rob:What cheek – she's got a brass neck.

Feifei:A brass neck? Phyllis 的脖子是“铜做的”?真的吗?她做手术了?

Rob:No Feifei. Her neck isn't actually made of brass – I just mean she is confident but also a bit rude – she can do or say things that most of us would be too embarrassed to do or say.

Feifei:Yes, she just doesn't care what she says, does she? 在英语里,brass neck 这个表达用来形容一个对自己所作所为过于自信、而且不顾及他人想法的厚脸皮的人。

Rob:Yes, she certainly doesn't worry about what other people think of her. A bit like the people in these examples.


My ex-boyfriend's got a brass neck, coming round and asking me to do his washing!

The customer has a brass neck asking for a refund when it was obvious he had already worn the shoes.

She's got abrass neck telling the boss that he wasn't very good at his job – I would never say that!

Feifei:表达 brass neck 的意思就是“厚脸皮,二皮脸”。咱们可不是这样的人,对吧 Rob?

Rob:Absolutely not. Although, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind writing the notes for the presentation we're doing? You see, I've got to meet someone for lunch.

Feifei:Rob 让我来整理下午要做的报告,有点儿过分吧!

Rob:What are you saying? Come on Feifei, you love writing presentations…. Oh why are you looking so brassed off?

Feifei:Brassed off - 另一个和“brass 铜”有关的表达,它的意思是“厌烦的,不满的”。你说我为什么 brassed off,Rob?I'm looking brassed off because of your brass neck.

Rob:I'll take that as 'no' then. Oh well, at least you understand this English expression now!



Brass neck 厚脸皮

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Brass neck 厚脸皮

Brass neck 厚脸皮

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